Quick Fixes for Brain Cramps on the Golf Course

Have you ever been playing a round of golf when nothing is working right? It may start at the first tee or the wheels fall off half way through your round. When it happens you need to recognize that your body is not moving correctly. If you are in a match, you can’t use a golf training aid. However, we found some great fixes from GolfRX and a few pro golfer tips to fix your BRAIN CRAMPS.

These are legal ideas that you can do while you are in the middle of your round.

For your Drives and Fairway Shots

Jean Van de Velde lost his swing at Carnoustie British Open 1999 final hole. It can happen at any time. Get your swing back.

1/ Correct your wrist release:Flip your club upside down and swing your shaft to allow the grip to release at the bottom of the swing to create a whooshing sound. You can’t do this with straight wrists. Lag your wrists at the top and let them release at the bottom of your swing. Then repeat your swing holding your club correctly. Whoooosh!

2/ Stand with your feet together and swing in balance so that you are not falling back. Now setup normally with a little more pressure on your leading foot. Swing so that you finish in balance on your leading foot.

3/ Put your golf glove under your leading armpit and take a few practice swings. When you take your club back, rotate your shoulders and stay connected without dropping your glove from your armpit. If your body stays connected, you will rotate your upper trunk and generate more power and a louder whoosh at the point of impact.

For Putting:
1/ Putt with our shoulders not your wrists: Try putting with a golf ball pressed between the upper end of your putter and your trailing wrist. If you bend your wrists, the ball will fall out. Putt by locking your wrists and rocking your shoulders to move the V-shape of your arms holding your putter.

2/ Don’t freeze-up changing from your practice swing to your putting stroke: You need to keep your shoulders and spine fluid. Make 1 or 2 practice swings to learn the feel for the correct swing distance to pass the hole by 10 to 15 inches. Then step forward to your ball, stare at your target point for 2 seconds to lock your brain into your putting distance and repeat the same putting stroke.

If you aren’t sinking putts on the practice green before you start your round, you should test your putter to find the “sweet spot” on your putter face: Aim at a target about 3 to 5 feet away on a flat section of a green. Then hit 3 balls off the toe and 3 off the heel of your putter. The balls will consistently move in the wrong direction. Find the “balanced” center of your putter by testing putts on the center-line and then inside and outside of the center-line. Then putt 5 more balls so that you impact the ball exactly at your newly found “sweet spot”.

If you keep playing golf the same way, you will keep making the same mistakes. Shake up your game. Practice with GOLFSTR+ and take control of your game. Buy one today at www.golfstr.com


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