Is your Brain Getting in Your Way ?

If you play golf with too many thoughts in your mind, you are setting up to fail.  You need a way to simplify your game and clear your mind before every swing.   Practice the correct full swing on your practice swing and then move up to your ball and go into auto pilot.  Swing with confidence and don’t let your brain get in your way.

Brooks Koepka said that “he has NO swing thought”.  When he settles over a shot he says “his mind goes quite”.  He says that he is not trying to work on anything while he is playing a round of golf. He simplifies the game so much that his only thought is if he will miss long or miss short.

He knows the shot that he needs to make with every slope condition and with every club. Practice gave him the peace of mind and confidence that he will make each shot the way he visualizes it.  At the start of the 2018 season, while he recovered from a wrist injury, he learned to fall in love with the game of golf again.  He missed playing so much that his mind learned to tune-in to every shot when he started to play again.

Get those crazy thoughts out of your mind when you make the perfect practice swing. Then repeat at the same speed when you power that ball directly at your target.

KEY FOCUS:  He learned to put pressure on himself when he was practicing.  Adding pressure to make the perfect swing (WHILE HE WAS PRACTICING), forced his attention for the perfect setup and relaxed grip for a powerful swing during his rounds of golf.

David Alred is a famous golf instructor who worked with Luke Donald [born December 7, 1977 – lucky 7’s?]. In 2011 (at the age of 34, 3+4 = lucky 7) he was the top money earner on the PGA Tour as well as the Race to Dubai.  Alred also worked with Francesco Molinari to help him train for his win at The 2018 OPEN.  He help both Donald and Molinari win by practicing to make every shot a winner with a planned purpose.  Each shot was to save par or setup a birdie or win a match.  The pressure was on to perform.  He made them practice under pressure to make every shot a perfect shot.

Golf is unpredictable.  You need to practice for the unpredictable lies on unpredictable slopes.  Make yourself uncomfortable and learn to make the shot that you want.

You chock when you lose your rhythm.  Make your practice swing a perfect full swing with the right rhythm.  Know that your practice swing will execute the right shot.  Then repeat the same light grip and controlled swing to a balance finish.   It really is an amazing feeling when you feel your shot and then make the shot, especially as a recreational player.

When you practice, figure out why a shot goes left or right, long or short and especially why it was perfect.  That’s what Bubba Watson does.  Practice with GOLFSTR+ for every swing in your game.  Buy one today at 


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