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More than one way to skin a Cat!

Dustin Johnson has an unorthodox swing but he sure kills the ball.  He hit the longest drive on the PGA Tour in 2011 at 463-yards so he must be doing something right.   Last Sunday he won the World Golf Championship event in Shanghai.  He even got more camera time than his well-endowed fiancé Paulina Gretzky.

Clay Ballard on Rotary Swing Golf showed a great slow motion video of Dustin this week but he ignored his unorthodox take away and a bowed wrist in the back swing.  Could those be his amazing solutions for more power?


Dustin Johnson with Straight Arm and Straight Shot and a lot of power.

Dustin Johnson with Straight Arm, Straight Shot and a lot of power = distance.

In his takeaway he starts to open his club face immediately.  By the time his club is horizontal the face is perpendicular to the ground and he almost has a 90 degree wrist cock.  This reminds me of a new golfer who wanted to purchase a GOLFSTR.  She couldn’t understand the concept of wrist cocking to create lag.  I asked her to start her swing with her club at 90 degrees to her arm in the horizontal position (similar to Dustin Johnson).  As a beginner hitting over 175 yards within 5 minutes I knew that Dustin was on to something.  You may want to try this a few times if you are having problems creating lag in your swing for more distance (CLICK HERE).

A Golf Channel analyst commented on Dustin’s leading wrist bowing in the back swing.  They warned that this should not be done by the average golfer.  It’s just another corrective motion which is needed in the down swing.  Hank Haney also points out that a flat wrist in the back swing is important to keep a simple swing which is on the right swing plane.   That comment inspired us to offer another use for GOLFSTR+: flat wrist in the back swing.

Somehow I think that Dustin’s 6 foot 4 inch height, his extremely straight leading arm throughout the swing, his wrist release and his extreme strength have a lot more to do with the length of his drives.

By the way if you want to work on straight arm and flat wrist in the back swing you should try GOLFSTR+.  Buy it as a Christmas Gift and save $10 by using the Coupon Code: nail it   . Order now on www.golfstr.com

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Want Longer Drives? Nail it!

I saw 3 great Tips for Longer Drives last week from Jeff Richmond in the Consistent Golf blog.  It was loaded with a lot of detail but I love to find the meat and dump the potatoes.   Upper body rotation, smooth transition and delayed wrist release are all critical for longer drives.  You need to work on all 3 for great results.

Distance comes from club head speed but it only counts at the point of impact.  Accelerating slowly in the transition with a powerful wrist release in the bottom half of the swing will give you longer drives.

Upper Body Rotation:
You want to coil your back by rotating your shoulders more than your hips in the back swing.  Holding a weight in your hands, simply rotate your upper body from one side to the other while shifting your weight and balance.  Try to increase your turn on each side for each rotation, but be sure to do this in a controlled manner and use common sense. Don’t rush this to start with, but as you get used to the motion then you can increase the speed and rotation.  You can do this exercise every day if you wish, for up to 20 repetitions. This will help you to make a bigger turn in your golf swing for longer drives.

Flexibility, Smooth Transition and Wrist Release in the bottom half of you swing will generate speed and distance.

Flexibility, Smooth Transition and Wrist Release in the bottom half of you swing will generate speed and distance.

Smooth Transition:
Your driver needs to accelerate throughout the swing but the peak speed is only reached at the point of impact.  There is no need to rush in the back swing and transition but it must be a continuous motion.  Your hips will start your forward swing as your club reaches the top of the swing.  Just think about Ernie Els, “big easy”, with that smooth change in direction.  It looks effortless because the club head speed is only increasing at the bottom half of the swing.  Your hips lead your shoulders and your shoulders lead your straight leading arm and your cocked wrists are the last to release in the bottom half of the swing.

Delayed Wrist Release (Lag):
Shoulder Rotation and Transition allow you to control the initial acceleration of the club for a powerful release with your wrists.  Never cast or release your wrists from the top of the swing or you will lose all of the club head speed.  Just pull down with your straight leading arm and let your wrists whip the club head through the ball (in a whip snapping action) as your weight shifts through to your forward balanced finish.  Our training pro likes to call it your “Photo Finish”.

Now watch this slow motion video of Rory McIlroy [CLICK HERE] to see that the wrists never release until he reaches the bottom half of the swing.  All pros do it and you should too.

GOLFSTR+ will help you Swing Like a Pro.

Place your Christmas Order for your favorite golfer.  All orders placed before Xmas will be shipped in a Special Retail Pack and get a $10 discount by entering Coupon Code nail it

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GOLFSTR+ Users Recommend New Use: #6

Looking over the Testimonial Page on the GOLFSTR website, I notice that we are getting suggestions for new uses from golfers with Lower Handicaps.   They seem to be experimenting with GOLFSTR+ to improve their swing.  A PGA Pro from Fox Hollow GC in Calgary, Alberta did it again.  At the PGA Alberta, Buyers Show he suggested a 6th use.

Finally a use for GOLFSTR+ on the trailing arm.  Greg Griffith is a Head Pro who was purchasing 16  GOLFSTR+ units for winter training in their Golf Dome [so we enjoy giving him the plug].   He especially  liked GOLFSTR+ for training with a flat wrist in the back swing but he suggested a 6th use: mount GOLFSTR+ on the trailing forearm to allow the wrist to flex back at the same angle as the bent end of the plastic plate.

Chip with a lagging wrist on your trailing arm & never cup your leading wrist in the follow-though with GOLFSTR+

Chip with a lagging wrist on your trailing arm & never cup your leading wrist in the follow-though with GOLFSTR+

This is the ideal angle for a trailing wrist lag when chipping.

Ideally you should train for chipping with GOLFSTR+ on your leading wrist to prevent cupping of the wrist in the follow-through.  Working with a second GOLFSTR+ on the trailing arm is a great idea.  This idea may generate more sales but we are not advocating the use of 2 or more GOLFSTR’s worn at any time as you really need to focus on training for 1 of the 6 uses at a time.




This is not recommended but many thought I was demonstrating my compound fractured arm.

This is not recommended but many thought I was demonstrating my compound fractured arm.

Golf Professionals at the show were surprised to see me wearing 3 GOLFSTR’s for 3 USES: Straight Leading Arm, Flat Wrist Back Swing and Wrist Lag Training.  

GOLFSTR was designed so that I could train my brain to swing with a straight leading arm.  We now have 6 uses but its just not practical to react to multiple uses and multiple pressure points at the same time.  But it was great fun to see the reaction when I wore 3 GOLFSTR+ Brain Trainers.

Girls were falling all over me with sympathy for my “injured arm”.  You should try it.


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Minimize Top Spin to Hit Longer!

I loved a training video released this week by GOLF TIPS MAGAZINE with Derek Nannen, PGA Pro at Eagle Mountain Golf Academy, Scottsdale, AZ to hit your drives further. When you top a ball (and who hasn’t), the ball dives down to the ground. For longer drives you need to reduce top spin. To increase distance you need to hit with an ascending (upward ) swing of about 3 to 4 degrees. In your setup make these 3 adjustments:
1/ Tee up a little higher.
2/ Place the ball forward of your leading heel. (possibly up to your toe line).
3/ Angle your shoulders to the right to encourage an upward angle of attack.

You may want to add draw by moving you back foot slightly away from the target line. Most important you need to complete the swing with all of your weight on your leading foot and your chest facing the target.

Of course that video also showed the importance of a back swing with a straight leading arm, flat wrist and wrist lag for consistent, longer hits.  GOLFSTR+ is the brain trainer to get you there as well as flat wrist for chipping and putting.  That’s 5 Training Aids in 1 For Every Swing in Your Game.

GOLFSTR USA packaging_newCHRISTMAS is coming and every golfer needs a GOLFSTR+.

Get $10 off your purchase. Enter the Coupon Code: tips code

Every GOLFSTR+ shipped before year end will be sent in a RETAIL PACKAGE for your special gift.

Order by phone Day or Night: 1-855-799-9695 or on line at www.GOLFSTR.com

Buy GOLFSTR  for every golfer on your list. Email sales@golfstr.com to purchase GOLFSTR+  in packs of 8 for double the savings on every unit.

Purchase GOLFSTR+ in retail packaging for the perfect Christmas Gift

Purchase GOLFSTR+ in retail packaging for the perfect Christmas Gift


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Swing with your Chest FIRST for Distance!

Last week we talked about Flexibility and Body Rotation by Steve Sticker.  Just to reinforce this point www.golf-info-guide.com by Thomas Golf released a great Blog about hitting the ball further by turning your chest faster rather than hitting harder (with your shoulders). By turning your chest faster you should feel like you are dragging your arms through the ball. In other words you are pulling the club with your leading arm rather than pushing it with your trailing arm.

To gain more distance you need to increase your club head speed along your hitting line (not across it).   Here is a great shot showing Tiger with a great delayed release and swinging from the inside.   So you need to initiate your swing in this order: CHEST, shoulders, arms and wrists.

Tiger's chest rotates before his shoulders start to release though the ball

Tiger’s chest rotates before his shoulders,  arms and then wrists start to release the club though the ball.

For golfers who are not so strong, a powerful early shoulder action can cause serious swing problems. They tend to attack the golf ball from the top of the swing with too steep of an approach down into the ball or the golfer leans back and ‘pulls up’ out of the shot at the moment of impact. This causes slices and mishits.

Practice turning your chest though the ball and finishing by facing the target. This action completes the rotation of the body through impact and maximizes club head speed down the hitting line.  As an exercise, focus on turning your chest faster which should feel like your arms and club are being dragged through the ball. It should feel strange as your chest starts to turn first when your arms drop in the downswing.

Of course a straight arm, flat wrist and lagging release are also key components for your successful swing.  GOLFSTR+ is a great brain trainer to help you with your new swing.

Pass this on to your friends and check our website for more Swing Tips on YOUR Swing Support Center.

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Wake-up Call for Flexibility!

If you want to be more consistent with your swing take note of Steve Stricker’s swing.  His success both at the President’s Cup and with recent tour wins after he hit the age of 40 (9 PGA wins) were caused by his new compact swing.  His full shoulder turn, limited back swing and a 90 degree wrist cock helped him hit a driving average of 285 yard.   He may not be the longest driver but hitting the fairway is his priority.  And it looks like he is on the right track.

Robert Cotter, a PGA instructor who provides the Instant Golf blog said: “Steve’s back swing motion is tied to his body movement. I would describe it as a “rolling” or “rocking” motion.”   His arms move in unison with his shoulder turn both in the back swing and in the down swing.

Steve Stricker limits his straight arm swing for better control to hit more fairways and greens.

Steve Stricker limits his straight leading arm swing for better control to hit more fairways and greens.

Test Your Flexibility
Flexibility in the back swing may be the key to your future success too.  Stop bending your leading arm to create a full back swing.  Rotating your shoulders and keeping your leading arm straight are so important for a consistent swing plane and consistent connection with the ball.

This exercise looks so easy but I tried it and could not do it.  I was shocked to learn that I could not do this simple exercise and you may be too.   This was my wake-up call to get my body moving again.  I’m recommending that you try Revolution Golf Floor Slide Exercise for more flexibility in our shoulders and more flexibility in our back swing.   Lay flat on your back and slide your hands along the floor as you reach over your head.   CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO

Plan to Improve your Game NOW!
Flexibility in aging bodies can be increased.  Just take a few minutes each day to improve your flexibility to get your game back in shape.  I was fortunate that my daughter bought me a few months of personal training to help me figure this out.  Yoga may be your solution but simple stretching exercises are so critical for your golf swing success.


GOLFSTR+ is a great brain trainer to help you limit your back swing when your leading arm starts to bend.    Make sure you have a flexible shoulder turn for the power and consistency that every golfer wants.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE

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Setup Basics – Don’t leave home without them!

Alignment and Grip are 2 basics that we think we have covered every time we swing.  But they may be the cause of your inconsistent hits.  Just take a reality check to make sure that your setup is not the cause of your directional and distance problems.  I was amazed to see how well these 2 checks improved my dumb habits that started to creep into my swing.

Ask your Buddies to Check your Shoulders!
Golfers have a natural tendency to line up with their shoulders angled left of the target, even when their feet are perfectly square.

Pete Styles on Golf Info Guide by Thomas Golf has a great video on this.  Short clubs are not so bad because you line up with the ball closer to the center of your stance.  The driver setup is with the ball off your leading foot so it tends to shift your shoulders forward to the left and causes over the top hits (swinging outside to inside across the ball) or just a dead left pull.  So when you setup with your driver let your shoulders tilt instead of letting them point to the left.

The right grip and alignment help Henrick Stenson stay on plane in his wonderful back swing.

The right grip and alignment help Henrick Stenson stay on plane in his perfect back swing.

Grip, Get it right!
Watching Henrik Stenson (and for that matter, all 30 golfers in the season ending thriller) I was reminded of this tip.

Grip your clubs with your lower hand “weak” to generate more power.  Yes, that’s what I said: weak to generate more power (with the V between your thumb and first finger pointing up to your right shoulder for right handed golfers).  If your grip is strong (V pointing to the right of your right shoulder) you are limiting the club head rotation in the back swing and you are depending on swing speed and body rotation to power through the hit.  Extra distance comes from wrist lag and the whipping action when your wrists release and turn over at impact.


Alignment and Grip Are So Important:  They can destroy your swing plane (the angle that the club travels around your spine). A good swing plane gives you the best chance to hit straight shots by returning the club square to the ball at impact.  Groove a consistent, repeatable swing plane like a pro and you’ll have the ball striking consistency, length and accuracy that every golfer is looking for.

GOLFSTR+ may help you with Every Swing in Your Game but if your alignment and grip are in trouble don’t blame GOLFSTR+

Click Here for a great training aid to help you with Every Swing in Your Game.

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I have reprinted the following Arnold Palmer Tip to highlight his opinion of the importance of the STRAIGHT LEADING ARM in the back swing.      GOLFSTR+ was developed to help you with your straight arm, flat wrist and to know your limitation in your limited or  “Compact Back Swing”.

On September 10, Arnold Palmer celebrated his 84th birthday.  He is generally regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of men’s professional golf. He has won numerous events on both the PGA Tour and Champions Tour, dating back to 1955.  Jack Nichlaus, Gary Player and Arnold Palmer played in an era where they had to depend on their swing and less on the equipment.  Today’s equipment just exaggerates your swing mistakes so you should pay attention to the old masters of golf.

Limit your back swing and keep your leading arm straight for more consistent hits and Keep Arnie Happy.

Limit your back swing and keep your leading arm straight for more consistent hits and Keep Arnie Happy.

“Try to keep the club under control at all times, especially at the top of the backswing. Each of us has physical limits. We can take the club back just so far. You’ve got to keep the backswing compact and well within your natural capabilities. Because the minute you’re stretching yourself as you swing back, the minute you’re fighting the weight of the club instead of remaining easily in control of it, you’ve swung too far.   When you go too far, one of two things happens: You bend your left elbow, or the grip gets loose in your hands. Either way, you’re lost.”

“Long and loose is still a bad idea. There aren’t very many good players like John Daly. “

GOLFSTR+ is not just a passing fad.  The all-time greats like Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer understood the benefit of the Straight Leading Arm in the Back Swing.  If you have a serious interest in improving your game, why not SWING LIKE A PRO.

GOLFSTR+ gives you 5 training aids: Straight Arm Back Swing, Flat Wrist in Putting and Chipping and in the Back Swing and also a Wrist Lag Trainer for more distance.

CLICK TO check it out and pass this on to your friends.

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AGING BODIES Can Still Generate Distance!

Not everyone can rotate their body as well as young professional golfers but there is hope.

Aging bodies have greater limitation in hip and spine rotation.  So just use what you have.   Martin Chuck, Tour Striker Training Program, did a recent blog stating that most of your distance comes from your wrist hinge in the back-swing.  Body rotation is nice but the correct wrist motion and timing is where most of your distance comes from.

Aging bodies end up with lower back and spine problems so you may have started to bend your elbow in the back-swing to compensate.  Big MISTAKE!  Bending your leading arm elbow is only creating more mishits, pulls and slices.

Jim Furyk with Straight Leading Arm and Wrist Hinge near the top of his limited back-swing.

Jim Furyk with Straight Leading Arm and Wrist Hinge near the top of his limited back-swing.

The good news is that most of the head speed in your club is generated by the release of you wrist hinge as you swing through the impact zone.  If your hip and spine rotation is limited, just limit your back-swing and let wrist lag take care of the distance.

Sweeping your club head in a wide arc to force rotation in your back-swing along with a straight leading arm are ideal.  You want some rotation of the hips and spine but make sure that you keep your wrist flat while you hinge to create a 90 degree lag in the back-swing.  [Cock your wrist to create a 90 degree angle from your forearm to your club shaft.]  Pull down on your straight leading arm and release your relaxed wrists with a whipping action at the bottom of your swing.

Jim Furyk may have a wild looking back-swing and the shortest driving stats on the Pro Tour but his wrist release and swing from the inside sure do produce straight shots.

REMEMBER:  the longest drive should not be your #1 goal.  Hit’em straight and keep’em in the fairway to lower your score.  It may help you shoot a round of 59 someday.

Of course GOLFSTR+ is a great solution to help you train for straight leading arm, flat wrist and lag in the back-swing.  Try it!  You’ll like it!  CLICK HERE to learn more!

GOLFSTR+   For Every Swing in your Game

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Users Update: Improved Uses for GOLFSTR+

We have now created a new video to show you an improved way to use GOLFSTR+.    Golf Professionals and our customers have been suggesting these changes for a softer feel on the back of the wrist.   We have already introduced GOLFSTR+ with the new Black Rubber EXTENDER for increased pressure when using GOLFSTR to remind you to keep your LEADING ARM STRAIGHT in the back-swing.

We now realize that for all 4 of the other uses for GOLFSTR+  you should be flipping the plastic plate over so that the curved tip is pointing UP.  Mounting the curved edges and the curved tip UP will give you a more comfortable fit on your wrist.

We are no longer recommending that you mount the curved end over your knuckles for PUTTING and CHIPPING.  Assembling the curved tip in the UP direction helps to fit all sizes of wrist and hands.

The same applies for FLAT WRIST in the BACK SWING.  By mounting with the edges and curved tip pointing up it is much easier to hold the wrist flat while hinging the wrist to lag your club in the down swing.  With this setup GOLFSTR+ just slides over the back of your flat wrist on your gloved hand during the back-swing and down-swing.

Training for WRIST LAG requires that the curved tip of GOLFSTR+ is pointing up the back of the thumb on your gloved hand.  Ensure that you use the Black Rubber EXTENDER bulging toward the thumb for a soft impact on the back of the thumb.

If you own a GOLFSTR+, why not try these new mounting methods today.  If you don’t own one, don’t be left behind.  Buy one today and CLICK HERE to Improve Every Swing in Your Game.

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