Can YOU Hula with a Hula Hoop?

As the weather changes to winter, you should find indoor sports to keep your body active and flexible. Basic floor exercises are a must, in order to keep our bodies in shape. Unfortunately, as we age we spend less time keeping flexible and that is the major reason why we injure parts of our bodies whenever we start a new repetitive activity.

Try the Hula Hoop for exercise. Can’t do it? Your flexibility needs some work.

I was reminded that my body and all of my aging friends are losing our flexibility when we were relaxing with drinks after playing Pickleball. Someone picked up a Hula Hoop and found that we (including anyone else who tired it) could not keep it whirling around our bodies. We all laughed as we knew that we could easily use a Hula Hoop in our youth for fun. Our group ranged in ages from 40 to 75 and no-one had the flexibility to keep that Hula Hoop alive. Wake-up call!

Let’s face it.  As we age, we lose our speed and agility to use something as simple as a Hula Hoop. Our bodies are changing. It may be the girth of our mid-section or the mobility of our torso but it must be affecting our golf games too.

Brooks Koepka is now the number 1 golfer in the world. He said that he works out for 10 hours per week on both strength and flexibility and then puts more time into flexibility. He admires gymnasts and the performers in Cirque du Soleil saying, “Pound for pound they are the strongest people in the world”. He feels that there is no correlation between strength and flexibility. Great golfers need both and you have to put your effort into both areas even though many exercises can develop strength and flexibility.

Ways to Keep in Shape over the Winter
1/ In-door Sports: Workouts on with rubber bands and on the floor only go so far. Sports like tennis, pickleball, squash and badminton are all active sports that affect every muscle in your body. Try to pick-up one of these sport or even get to a skating rink to get more muscles active.

2/ My 97 year old father-in-law starts every day with stretch exercises in bed before he even tries to get out of bed. Then he helps with any odd jobs or cleaning up at the family lumber yard. Whatever you do, don’t stop moving.

3/ I have mentioned one of our blog readers in the past named Raymond, who lives in the French Riviera. Recently he shared his golf success secrets in a response to one of our blogs:
“I’m a normal guy, 5 feet 9 and 160 pounds and I’ve passed the 84 years of age mark. I play to a 7 handicap, 3 or 4 times a week. Having a sound technique is one thing, having a body which suits your swing is another. You have to work on both. I don’t practice at the driving range.”

“For technique, I practice at home in front of a window pane for the full swing (100 swings per day), in my basement for chipping (100 chips) and putting (300 putts) on a 25 foot mat. Simultaneously, I work on my body .I have several regimens: one is taken from JOEY DIOVISALVI’s book FIX YOUR BODY, FIX YOUR SWING (JOEY trains BROOKS KOEPKA and DUSTIN JOHNSON). I also perform isometrics and I lift weights. For speed, I rely on MIKE NAPOLEON’s SUPERSPEED sticks and for core strength I have MIKE BAUMANN’s ULTIMATE SWING SYSTEM (Rubber bands).”  We should all take note. IMPRESSIVE! ]

Rick on the Rotary Golf Blog told us how Tiger Woods changes his golf swing. He works for hours repeating a component of his golf swing to ingrain it into his mind and muscles without ever hitting a golf ball. Repetition is key. We all need to pay attention to our bodies and keep in shape for our golf swing. Practice with GOLFSTR+. Buy one today at



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