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6-in-1 Golf  Swing Training Aid.   Straight ARM and WRIST = Straight Shots.   Learn a Straight Arm Swing by wearing it while you play 18 holes.  Or practice with it to learn 5 more swing fixes.  This Brain Trainer is Guaranteed to Lower Your Score.

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Product Description

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The size is adjustable to fit your bare arm or over a shirt or sweater:

     LARGE (Universal, Fits All):    Fits around your 5  to 14 inch Left or Right  forearm or wrist (One-Size-Fits-ALL).  ONLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK ARM BAND.

     SMALL:    Fits around your 5 to 10 inch Left or Right forearm or wrist (fits smaller golfers).  AVAILABLE IN BLACK OR WHITE  [Available in limited quantities.  A LARGE Universal fit arm band will be substituted if the SMALL size or color is out of stock.]

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GOLFSTR  is adjustable for Right or Left Handed Players and is currently available in 2 sizes and 2 armband colors: Black or White (only available on this website). NOTE that the armbands are polyester and very dirt resistant. [Click to view the Assembly and all 6 Uses (September 2014)]

GOLFSTR+ is available in limited Golf Retail locations and through this website for $29.99.   Shipments outside of North America add Shipping and Handling at $10 for the first item and $3 for each additional items. Taxes are only applicable on Canadian purchases.  Duty is typically waived on orders under $70.

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Additional Information


Large – Fits 5 -14 inch forearm or wrist, Small – Fits 5-10 inch forearm or wrist.


Black, White